Thursday, March 23, 2006

Whiten the Earth (Ashton Paul)

(This writer responded to Stanley Kunitz's "Touch Me," by writing a poem from a different perspective.)

Winter never comes, I fear
The chill in the air never occurs
Just last year
When I could play in the snow
and bundle up until I could barely move
then come in late at night to sip hot cocoa
of the steaming drink of heaven
to warm my heart when my body was cold
it was my favorite thing about York, PA
the seasons brought so many new feelings
The hazy sky told tales of white flakes
soon to fall upon the land
I gazed outside from the warm fire
heating my cozy living room
and for the first time I really appreciated life
The roads were closed
I was off school for the day
I long for the wonderful season
I will no longer experience in Florida
Remembering, remembering, remembering
That part of my life that's now gone
One season each year
but now, never again.
So let the white pieces of heaven
fall from the sky in York
and bring happiness to the children who
may truly appreciate the beauty of winter
Fall upon me, don't you remember how
we used to play?
Whiten the earth! Remind me of my youth.
LIT160 Introduction to Literature, Spring 2006
Posted with permission of writer

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