Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Forever in our Heaven (Geneva Doll)

Above a life of vanity
Balanced in a starry sea, a world of love,
Clearly placed for all to see, though
Darling William, this world calls only to you and me.

Envious any man would be
For what I’m going to say is true.
Golden and bright as each star shines,
Hardly compares to you.

Indeed men may cry, the heavens were never made for
"Just one guy," although a
Knowledgeable men can not deny,
Lucky is the man, who is the universe in her eye.

Miles above the shallow hearts,
Neatly tucked into the evening sky,
Our world sits high, made of memories
Pieced together never to be torn apart, despite who may try.

Quite rapidly we soar into the unknown,
Reaching and collecting stars as we pass by.
Somehow I’m sure in this love we have both grown,
Taller and taller, together, until the day we die.

Under the stars we snuggle and gaze
Vast heavens above our heads, we only need to wait,
Wait until we rise to our heaven and happily live out our days.
Xanthippe I promise to never be, you’ll only receive all of my praise.

You and I have a love pure and true
Zealously I await my forever, in our heaven, with you


WRT310 Creative Writing, Fall 2005


Siobhan said...

Thank you for posting that poem. The William mentioned in it is my sweet brother. Everything Geneva thought about my brother, he felt doubly towards her. The poem is a beautiful keepsake that we can remember Geneva by.

Thank you Siobhan Cahill Smith

Jennifer said...


You're welcome.

I'll always remember Geneva as a sweet, hardworking young lady. I feel honored that she agreed to have her work posted here.

Jennifer Semple Siegel